Text 1 Feb I Swear to Dead I’m Not God

No, seriously—I’m still here. I still intend to keep this going. BUT, the college semester has started again for me and with that and work, I’ve just got less time in general. So, there is a good 98% chance that the comic pieces will no longer be animated[then again it was just words so I can’t really call it…nevermind]. Just…wanted to say that.

Photo 21 Jan 30 notes The first piece I made to test out my new Monoprice Tablet. Gotta get use to the super sensitivity BUT I LOVE IT.<3
ANYWAY~ Here’s a quick design of the Princess. 
EDITOh fucks, I noticed I put ‘2012’ on it. Not’ 2013’.U _____U 

The first piece I made to test out my new Monoprice Tablet. Gotta get use to the super sensitivity BUT I LOVE IT.

ANYWAY~ Here’s a quick design of the Princess. 

Oh fucks, I noticed I put ‘2012’ on it. Not’ 2013’.
U _____U 

Text 21 Jan 5 notes MY NEW MONO TABLET~


Just got my new Monoprice table up and running! It’s great~ Now to try drawing with it…


; U;

Text 15 Jan 1 note END OF THE ROAD


So, it seems that I can no longer use my PS3 charge wire to replace the one for my Wacom tablet. It’s been 3.5 on-and-off working years, but it’s probably about time I get a new tablet.

I’m looking at this one:

U ___U


I’m still coughing and I don’t know why, but I finally got the written chapter up!

Next to come:
Another animated comic set! 

Text 10 Jan 8 notes Chapter 1

For some, it all was over in an instant. For others, it felt like an eternity. For a several few, the moment and the chaotic din that came after played over and over again, hundreds of times, in various speeds until each minute detail were ingrained in their minds like hot iron.

What came first to mind: The screaming? The blood? That eerie look Finn had, as he stared in crazed distraught down upon the writhing Darren?

For the Princess, it was the feeling that her little porcelain world had become shattered and simply became “the world”. It was a cold and unrelenting ‘reality’ she had once thought would be years before she’d have to face it.

Amidst the panicking court, she had been whisked away by the guards for her own safety—mother and father following close behind. She had snuck only one peek behind her before being rushed around the corner, and saw against the blurred images of everyone running around…Finn, standing in all his teary lonesome. How small he looked! How afraid and shaking! He felt her eyes on him, and he had looked up to her. She wasn’t sure why, but the Princess raised her hand outwards and took a moment to struggle against the knights’ shoving. Of course, being a delicate little flower, her efforts granted no results. She was pushed along, and left only to hear the havoc going on in the throne room. She remembered hearing the Witch, Leenan, come screaming in with scepter crackling. That was where everything else just blended into each other, and she shut her eyes and ears to the world.

6 years had passed since that day.
6 long years.

After the ‘incident’, Finn and his mother mysteriously left the kingdom. They had left no trace to follow with and where their home had once stood, now were only empty plains. Things quieted down, but Callibury was never quite the same again.

The Princess, now of a tender 18 years of age, stood gracefully by her aging mother and father. She held her head high with hands delicately poised at waist-length, just as a proper princess was expected to do. A princess was to be silent—not that it was particularly hard for her to do—and graceful, and simply observe the court. She was to give no opinions on the happenings, and speak only from behind the scenes…just as the Queen did for so many years. And so would she, as the princess, for many more years to come. Every day…

“There’s an ill wind blowing.”

The Princess looked to the old maid, whom was staring out an arrow slit and at the sky. The clouds were, admittedly, a little bit gray, but that was what happened when it rained, she thought to herself. “It’s too cold for it to just be regular ‘ol rain clouds,” she then heard the elderly woman mutter to herself, “it’s a bad omen…some ill wind blowing something bad in…” Burrowing her brows, the Princess glanced out the small window from where she was. ‘They still look just like clouds to me,’ she sighed, ‘she must be getting in her age…I ought to tell her to take a rest for the day.’ With that, she began to head over to the grumbling maid. Since everybody’s attention was on either the King or each other, it wasn’t difficult to just break away from it all. Once she got to that tiny window however, the Princess could only stop and stare. The clouds seemed to be getting darker and expanding at an alarming rate! The shade they cast began to cover the entire village, and was now heading towards the castle. ‘That’s…not normal.’


Lightning suddenly flashed with a loud boom of thunder following quickly after. That was all it took to grab the court’s attention as well. Not because it had happened out of the blue, or that it was now pouring rain in cartfuls in each drop…but because they could have all sworn that the thunder had sounded almost like…a laugh. “Get away from the window!” she heard her mother cry, yanking her arm hastily to pull the young woman to her side. Both their eyes were wide, and the Queen swiftly let go. “I…I don’t know why I…” the Queen stammered, trying to calm her pounding heart. The Princess gave her sore arm a rub, before placing a comforting hand on her mother’s shoulder. No one was sure why, but suddenly everyone felt a strange sense of dread looming over them. When was the last time the Court was this silent?

“It’s a bad omen…” she heard that old maid mutter still. As though on cue, the throne room doors opened with a deafening slam. Now all eyes were at the entrance, including the Princess’s… 

Photo 3 Jan 38 notes On request! A Fem!Harv~! And a Fem!Rhodri just for fun. The second image is in reference to one of the latest WU comic pages.I had some trouble trying to make sure Fem!Rhodri didn&#8217;t look too much like Emet. 
My coughing is getting gradually worse.8&#8217;D 

On request! A Fem!Harv~! And a Fem!Rhodri just for fun. The second image is in reference to one of the latest WU comic pages.
I had some trouble trying to make sure Fem!Rhodri didn’t look too much like Emet. 

My coughing is getting gradually worse.

Text 2 Jan 1 note Siiiiiiick

Excuse me while I cough my lungs out. I’m only about 30% done with the written chapter right now… U ___U

In the meanwhile, would anyone like me to draw something in particular relating to Warrior U Or Grim Warrior? They probably won’t be colored in the state I’m in right now, but I’ll do my best! :’D 

Photo 28 Dec 1 note Chapter 1 Title PageActual written chapter to come soon. 

Chapter 1 Title Page

Actual written chapter to come soon. 

Link 26 Dec 3 notes This Is What Started It All...»

Just something to look at while the Holidays come to an end, and I finish that chapter/title page…This piece is what first started my Grim Warrior AU ideas—right after the ending of the “Slumber Party” chapter of the Warrior U Webcomic.

Went through some costume re-designs after this, though… 

Yes, it’s a re-post from my main blog but…Holidays~! Break! Sleeping in… > 3>”
< 3<”

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